June 2017 News


Amazon Echo & Alexa Continue To Expand

Posted by MBL Web Design

This year has definitely seen the true mainstream arrival of smart speakers and voice control.

We had fun with the likes of Siri and Cortana on our smartphones, but Alexa – thanks primarily to the success of the Amazon Echo – has undoubtedly been the winning combination to turn voice control from gimmick to gadget.

Now Amazon has rolled out an update for Alexa, including changes to the Echo, which cements its place as the must-use domestic voice control device.

The June update includes the ability to schedule reminders and create timers that can be named to suit particular tasks, allowing multiple timers to run at the same time without confusion.

Also to be introduced is the ability to make 'intercom' calls between rooms in a house that has multiple Echo devices.

The potential of the Echo and Alexa is something we previously touched upon in January when we predicted that voice searches would uproot the way that we think about SEO keywords.

The way we type into a search engine and the way we speak into a voice control device are, after all, not like for like.

At least one analytics company has predicted that voice searches will account for half of all searches by 2020.

There's no reason to doubt that as Amazon looks set to ship more than 10 million Echo speakers by the end of this year.

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